Northeleven Projection, ttff/16 New Media and BASS YARD present “Light” at the Big Black Box!

North Eleven projection artists are especially interested in the interaction between visuals and how the audience interacts with them. Working with multiple technologies and interfaces and always searching for new ways of incorporating creative use of digital technology into their work, they are always in a state of flux and their work constantly evolves as they strongly believe “What we created yesterday , we may never create again.”

“Light” will produce a live audio-visual performance for New Media ttff16. The performance will incorporate projection mapping and murals, live digital graffiti and motion design, and live visuals. From lo-tech local art mediums such as pieces of string , paper, wire mesh and cardboard to the latest audio-visual applications and collaborations with fellow artists, illustrators, painters and musicians will create stunning mixed media artwork.

This project is a collaboration between the Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival, Northeleven, CDM Generation, Big Black Box and BASS YARD.

Date & Time: September 24th at 8pm

Admission: $60 from 11pm

Venue: The Big Black Box, #33 Murray Street, Port of Spain

ttff Pass Holders Are Free All Night