The Caribbean Memory Project invites members of the public to a free colloquium on community archiving and Caribbean identity at 6:00 pm on Thursday 12th March, 2015 at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, Belmont.

Founded by Kevin A. Browne, Ph.D and Dawn Cumberbatch, The Caribbean Memory Project is a long-term archiving and documentary project that relies on a combination of engaged social participation and academic inquiry that is designed to help us understand Caribbean history, society and culture in more productive ways. It asks, and invites us to answer questions of who we are, from whence do we come, and what are we to do with the knowledge we produce.

The ultimate goal, as we see it, is collective uplift, and the Caribbean Memory Project will serve as a useful resource, a platform, a point of contact, and a point of entry into collectively finding what we’ve forgotten and finding what we’ve been actively encouraged to forget through institutional neglect, and the routine appropriation of foreign cultural norms, said Dr. Browne.

The Caribbean Memory Project team will be conducting on-the-spot interviews (both on and off camera) for its oral history component, “Tell Me, Nah!” Attendees can record their memories directly to the web site via an interactive application.

The Caribbean Memory Project also invites attendees to bring along old newspaper clippings, photographs, certificates, letters, postcards, and any other documents of personal significance that they wish to share. These artefacts will be digitised on-site and uploaded with the appropriate permission to, a public, open-access repository of knowledge that, in time, will not only help to define our Caribbean identity, but will also provide the kind of awareness that can help ensure the continuity of that identity.

The Caribbean Memory Project’s free colloquium on community archiving and Caribbean identity takes place next Thursday 12th March, 2015 at the Trinidad Theatre Workshop, #23 Jerningham Avenue, Belmont from 6:00 pm. Scanning and interview stations will be available from 5:00 pm for guests who wish to share their memories and artefacts.

For further information, please visit or call 352-0679.