Mahalia, A Gospel Musical is a tribute to the late, great gospel warrior who captivated the world and audiences around the world with her distinctive soulful voice and effervescent delivery.
JSC Productions is back again in 2016 after a successful 2015 run of the show, this time, at Queen’s Hall!

JCS Productions, established by producer John Henry Smith III, aims to develop high standards of musical theatre locally, with spectacular, Broadway quality family entertainment providing for the entertainment of the general public and senior citizens, while at the same time retaining its focus of developing and working with young people not only for the future of the art form but that of the Nation.

Keep up to date with JSC and their upcoming shows here.
Buy tickets online or at Queens Hall box office from 12pm-6pm


Shows on September 9 – 11 all adult cost $175

At all shows, Senior Citizens (60 and over) and Junior Citizens (16 and under/full time student with I.D.) cost $125!

On September 13 -15 there will be AFTERNOON TEA MATINEE SHOWS for Mahalia at 2pm. All tickets priced at $125

Tickets also available for Jesus Christ Superstar opening September 23.
Buy a Season ticket (Mahalia and Jesus Christ Superstar) for $350.

Contact: Queens Hall at 624-1284 ext 1 or JSC Productions at 461-4033 for more details